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vestfold coast


How to get there:

Travel to Horten on board the ferry from Moss or by train from Oslo to Skoppum.


This route runs through varied coastal scenery, from sheltered areas, nestling behind islets and skerries to barren and open stretches near the sea. The terrain along the coast is fairly flat, but becomes more hilly further inland. The huge moraine ridge, also known as the Great Ridge (det store Raet) which runs south from Horten to Mølen, was deposited in the sea by advancing ice during the last Ice Age, approximately 10,000 years ago.

By the end of the Ice Age, the sea level had risen by 150 metres, so that most of the ridge is now above sea level. The ridge is a natural, geographical feature which can be seen in many places along the route. Much of the county´s farmland lies on such sediment. The wildlife is varied and (un)fortunate explorers can encounter elk, beavers and roe deer. You can also enjoy bird watching and fishing.


This route takes in the most densely populated coastal region in Norway, but this is still a great place for cycle tours. Borre National Park boasts the largest collection of royal burial mounds in northern Europe. Seafaring and hunting and fishing have long been of great importance to the region, with Sandefjord´s long history as a whaling port and the shipyard at Horten.

Several museums in Horten and Sandefjord have excellent exhibitions on the region´s seafaring history, and agriculture flourishes on the level plains along the Great Ridge near the centre of the county. In recent years, service industries and the tourist trade have gradually become increasingly important to the region, as more and more people want to visit this idyllic stretch of coastline. Each year, artists visit Stavern, Åsgardsstrand and Larvik for inspiration for their work.

Vestfold County
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The county gallery, the Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum, is in Tønsberg. The Vestfold Festspillene (festival) takes place each year between the end of June and the beginning of July, with a range of music, dance and theatre performances as well as exhibitions and outdoor events throughout the whole county. Tønsberg, the capital of Vestfold is the oldest town in Norway, dating back to around 870 AD.

Recommended type of bike:

Any bike with good tyres is suitable for this route.

Overnight accommodation:

Numerous possibilities, from basic campsites to luxury hotels.

Total distance: Approximately 105 km.

Tourist Information Offices in

Horten +47 33 03 17 08

Tønsberg +47 33 31 02 20

Sandefjord +47 33 46 05 90

Larvik +47 33 13 01 00

Cycle maps for Vestfold can be purchased at Tourist Information Offices. This route is specially signposted for cyclists both in and around villages and towns.