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telemark canal


How to get there:

By train to Skien, then on to Ulefoss by boat. You can take the canal boat from Ulefoss or Skien to Lunde and Kviteseid. If you are travelling from Bø, you can take the boat from Kviteseid.


Beautiful waterways with rivers, lakes and forested hills. Moderate terrain, from 0 - 400 metres above sea level. The terrain becomes more challenging the further into the county you go. The climate is dictated by the region´s position to the east of the watershed and has little rain and pleasant summers. Lifjell and Brokefjell provide the opportunity for fishing and hiking trips at heights of more than 1.OOO metres above sea level. Fishing permits for Lifjell can be purchased at the Tourist Information Office.


The Telemarkskanalen was finished in 1892 and took 500 men 5 years to complete! The waterway which is 130 km in length links the towns of Telemark, from Skien to Dalen at the foot of the Hardangervidda (mountain plain), and "raises" boats a total of 72 metres above sea level. The locks themselves between Ulefoss and Hogga are popular attractions along the route. Ulefoss, at the beginning of the route is famous for Ulefoss Hovedgård, which is regarded as the best example of Napoleonic architecture in Norway.

Seljord is famous for rose painting and the sea serpent Selma which is said to lurk in the nearby Seljordvannet Lake. The Seljordsspelet (festival) takes place during the first week of July and featurcs traditional plays and contests.

Further south is , the centre of trade and education for inner Telemark and which also boasts Norway´s largest water park - Telemark Sommarland. You will also find churches, a rural museum and the adventure centre, Telemark Villmarkssenter.

telemark county
Telemark County
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Recommended type of bike:

A bike with firm tyres which can tolerate gravel roads. Minimum of five gears.

Overnight accommodation:

Many possibilities along the entire route; youth hostels, campsites, cabins and hotels.

Total distance:

Approximately 130 km
(Ulefoss - Lunde - Bø - Seljord - Kviteseid