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How to get there:

By train from Oslo, Kristiansand or Bergen.


The landscape features gently rolling hills with lush forest and waterways such as the Drammenselva river, Tyrifjord and Lågen to spice up the route. The huge, fertile Lierdal valley stretches gracefully from Drammensfjord to Tyrifjord. The pleasant climate during summer makes the valley highly suitable for cultivating strawberries.

Along the route are many nature reserves and conservation areas which protect unique natural phenomena, for example Fiskumvannet Lake. Both fauna and flora flourish in this fertile environment and can be enjoyed at first hand if you are willing to make short diversions from the main route. In Finnemarka, the region between Drammen and Tyrifjord, there are about 200 lakes rich in perch, trout and small carp. You are free to fish here as soon as you have purchased a fishing permit from the nearest post office.


In Drammen, you can visit the Aass Bryggeri, Norway´s oldest brewery, or take an outdoor dip at Marienlyst baths. In the middle of Bragernes district is a cultural centre surrounding beautiful Drammens Theatre, the pride of Drammen.

The mining industry which continued in the Kongsberg region for 334 years has left its mark on the landscape, for example the old mines at Saggrenda, the church at Kongsberg seats 2.000 people and is the largest Baroque church in the country, the steam trains on the Krøder railway between Vikersund and Krødern to Modum´s Blaafarveværk (Cobalt Blue Glassworks) where the workers accommodation is now a living cultural centre.

Buskerud county
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Recommended type of bike:

This route rises about 500 metres overall, so we recommend a bike with good tyres and at least five gears. The route is on tarmac, allowing for detours and alternative routes along gravel roads.

Overnight accommodation:

The towns have many places to eat and stay.

Total distance: Approximately 170 km.

Tourist Information Offices in

Drammen +47 32 80 62 10

Modum +47 32 78 49 30

Kongsberg +47 32 73 50 00

Hokksund +47 32 70 00 50.