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haldenvassdraget, oestfold, mysen, tistedal


How to get there:

Take the train from Oslo to Mysen or Halden, and then the boat M/S Turisten (which runs from June to August) from Ørje to Strømsfoss or Tistedal.


This route is mainly characterised by forests, lakes and rivers. The rolling countryside in this area is a change from mountainous areas, and rivers are long and narrow, only interrupted by streams or channels acting as a link to the next lake. There is a rich variety of flora and fauna here, and this is one of the main areas in Norway where elks, the Kings of the Forest, are found. Smaller animals in the area include 45 different varieties of birds, five species of amphibian, hares, hedgehogs and deer. This county also has ten broad leaved and evergreen reserves and 15 marsh reserves.


A typical forest and agriculture community with farms and small villages scattered through the countryside. The villages offer essential services. Things to see along the route include the Canal Museum (Kanalmuseet) in Ørje, locks at Brekke and Strømfoss with a gallery and there is a church in Rødnes built in the Middle Ages. The many locks, mills and sawmills along the watercourse are a legacy of the former methods of transport, forestry activity and industry in the area. In Halden, Fredriksten Fortress which is 350 years old, is strategically located as the town´s main attraction.

Østfold county
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Recommended type of bike:
Bikes with three gears and firm tyres. The route is mainly on tarmac or good quality gravel tracks.

Overnight accommodation:

Mainly at campsites, youth hostels or out in the open air. If you choose alternative routes to the RV 21, you should bear in mind that there are not many places for shopping or to stay. The advantage of taking this route is that there is less traffic than on the RV 21.

Total distance:

Approximately 105 km. The quickest way is to take RV 21, but there is more traffic. To add more variety, you can cycle on the other side of the lakes, such as along the Aremarksjø or Marksjø Lakes.

Further intormation:

Contact the Tourist Information Offices in