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vest agder, kristiansand, oeysteboe, mandal


How to get there:

On the railway, bus or express boat from Oslo. Ferries also arrive in Kristiansand from Denmark and the Netherlands.


Varies between the outermost archipelago, with islets and skerries around Mandal to gently-rolling inland terrain with hills, lakes and rivers near Øyslebø. The forests are rich in wildlife and there should be a good chance of seeing The King of the Forest, the elk, in its natural habitat. The Mandalselva or Marna rivers are refreshing companions between Øyslebø and Mandal. The coast between Mandal and Kristiansand is well sheltered by islets and skerries which reduce the impact of the ocean.

There are 19 sea bird reserves, to which access is prohibited between 15 April and 15 July, but in spite of this, there is still a wealth of exciting areas that you can visit, such as Skjernøy - Ryvingen and Ny Hellesund. There is teeming bird life all along the coast. The largest colonies of sea birds have around 5.000 mating pairs and there is also extremely varied coastal flora. Around Ny Hellesund there is good fishing from both shore and boat.


Kristiansand is an environmental cycling town with more than 70 km of cycle paths! There are also more traditional cultural attractions, such as Zoo, handicrafts, galleries and museums. Kristiansand is an interesting renaissance town originally built up from 54 squares by Christian IV in 1641. As there are bathing beaches in Kristiansand itself, your cycle tour can easily be rounded off in a refreshing manner.

Vest-Agder County
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In Mandal, the old knitwear factory, Sjølingstad Uldvarefabrik, is a living reminder of early industrial buildings. The town museum in Mandal is beautifully located in an old wooden building and tells about life along the Agder coast on both shore and the sea. The stretch from Kristiansand to Øyslebø is characterised by various types of agricultur, and sivilcultural activities.

Recommended type of bike:

Suitable for all types of bikes with three or more gears. The variation in height is around 200 metres.

Overnight accommodation:

In youth hostels or hotels or camping in either Kristiansand or Mandal.

Total distance:

Approximately 120 km
(Kristiansand - Øyslebø - Mandal - Kristiansand)

Further information:

Tourist Information Offices in

Kristiansand +47 38 12 13 14

Mandal +47 38 27 83 OO