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røros, roeros


How to get there:

By air: Røros airport
By rail: Oslo - Røros - Trondheim (Rørosbanen)
By bus: Northbound or southbound
By boat: Coastal steamer, Femunden.


Rørosvidda is a gentle, friendly region of mountain Norway, in parts a dairy farming district with deep valleys covered in birch and pine forests, but also naked, weather beaten mountains and small, pictoresque villages are typical of the district.

The centrepiece is the mountain hamlet Røros, once the hub of copper production in the area. Its very distinctive characteristic buildings have put this beautiful hamlet on UNESCO´s list of preservation worthy cultural monuments. The history of the district is fascinating and we would like to tell you about it. Although mining put its mark on the region from the time the first iron ore deposits were discovered in 1644, fishing, hunting and farming have an even longer tradition.

On this particular trip you will experience every aspect of mountain Norway, from the barren, deserted and mystical terrain in Femunden to, in contrast, the lush valleys with dairy farms, livestock and busy farming community life. The route includes a 2 hour boat trip on board Fæmund II (regular services 10 June - 20 August).

Visit the charming villages and do take time to look at cultural monuments or to take off on a detour and discover your own fishing lake or other "pearls" Mother Nature has strewn over the area. Road conditions vary greatly, you´ll be cycling on asphalt and on dirt roads. Even though the topography of the area is reasonably flat, there are parts of the route that are hilly, so a bike with gears is recommended.

There are alternative routes on better roads that you could choose - but then you´ll miss the really stupendous scenic variations. There is little traffic so taking children along on their own bikes shouldn´t pose any problems.

South Trøndelag County

NB! The entire route is at more than 600 metres above sea level so take suitable clothing with you! Some accommodation and eateries are family farms / dairy farms so you will need to book in advance. Røros Reiseliv will be able to help you with this free of charge.

Røros Reiseliv has published a detailed description of the route and services en route, a map and list of attractions and activities.

Recommended type of bike:

Probably an advantage if your bike has 3 or more gears.

Overnight accommodation:

Numerous possibilities, from basic campsites to luxury hotels.

Total distance:

Approximately 175 km.

Further information:

Røros Turistkontor Tel: +47 72 41 11 65