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Most of the Flakstad habitation is to be found along the outer edge of Lofoten, facing the ocean, such as Ramberg and Fredvang. On the Vestfjord side, we find Sund, Skjelfjord, Nesland and Nusfjord.


The administrative centre Ramberg is located next to a lovely white beach facing the Arctic Ocean and lookout for viewers of the Midnight Sun.

Fredvang is the fishing village, situated on the northern part of Moskenesøy, is point of departure for hiking trails leading to Yttersida, "the Outside". Flakstad´s one and only bakery is here.

Nusfjord is one of the best preserved fishing villages in Norway and is Flakstad´s most famous fishing village.

Sund is an old fishing hamlet. Sund also has old buildings, but is better known for its blacksmith.

 Morthen Horgen