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 Inside the Opera House

According to Snøhettta, the architects who designed the building, is the largest cultural building raised in Norway in 700 years, when the Nidaros Cathedral was completed in the city of Trondheim in about 1300. The Opera House was built at Bjørvika, near where the Vikings founded the original Oslo 1.000 years ago.

Inside the Opera House is 38.500 square metres in size and has close to 1000 rooms and a total of 36.000 marble and granite slabs have been laid down to create the characteristic appearance.

The Opera House is divided into three main sections: the audience section, the rehearsal and administration section and the workshop section. The house has three stages: the Main Stage with approximately 1400 seats, Scene 2 with up to 440 seats and Rehearsal Stage 1 with 200 seats.

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