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goat cheese


It doesn´t look like cheese, you think, but it can´t be as bad as some of the stuff you have heard they eat in this country so you take a bite.

Norwegian gjetost (literally translated "goat cheese") has a unique caramel flavor and color. It owes its unusual character to a different production method: milk, cream, and whey are boiled, caramelizing the lactose and yielding the unique sweet flavor of this cheese.

A cheese made only from goat´s milk is called pur chevre. Mi-chevre ("half-goat") cheeses are also sold, which are made from half cow´s milk and half goat´s milk. Some chevres are wrapped in leaves, herbs, or even bacon. They may be served over salad, in pasta, or with crackers or toast.

Goat cheeses make up a diverse and intriguing family. The only common feature of the varied cheeses in this group is that they are all made from goat´s milk. With standard production methods, goat´s milk yields a whiter, firmer product than cow´s or ewe´s milk cheeses. Traditional cylinder and pyramid shapes are reserved for goat cheeses.

The main Norwegian and the German names mean brown cheese, and the others mean simply whey cheese.

Cheesemaking all over the world consists of separating the curds from the whey, and making some sort of cheese from the curds. The whey is then flushed down the drain or used as cattle feed. More recently whey proteins have become popular as an ingredient in health food and dietary supplements for body-builders. But in some parts of the world it has been good food for centuries. In Italy it is used to make Ricotta, in Norway it is used to make Brunost.

Real cheeses are made only from the curds. Ricotta, Brunost and similar, although often called cheeses where they are produced, are technically Whey based dairy products. Main types of brown cheese are:


With a water content above 30%3, making it spreadable, Prim is almost a Brunost cousin. The taste is pure Brunost however, and in some dialects Prim is the word for all Brunosts.


Ekte Geitost is made with whey, milk and cream from goats. It has the most pronounced taste of all the Brunosts. The name translates to Real (or Genuine) Goat Cheese. There is a small export of Ekte Geitost.


Cream Whey Cheese is made from whey, milk and cream from cows. It has a milder taste than both Ekte Geitost and Gudbrandsdalsost.


Gudbrandsdalsost is named after the valley in Norway where it was first produced to sell outside the area. It uses whey, milk and cream from cows, and adds goat"s milk. There is some production for export and it is sold as Gudbrandsdalen in other Scandinavia countries, Norgold in Germany, and Ski Queen in UK, North America and Australia.