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The copper of the Statue of Liberty in New York came from Karmøy. A pearl in the West Located at the southernmost tip of Karmøy, where the lighthouses peer out ouer Skudefjord and the North Sea, lies the charming harbour and fishing village of Skudeneshavn.

 St. Olav´s Church  
avaldsnes, St. Olav´s Church

Construction of the present day church, St. Olav´s Church of Avaldsnes was started approximately 1250 AD, on the order of King Håkon Håkonsson. It was not completed until nearly 1320. Dedicated to St. Olav, it was one of the greatest Norwegian stone churches from the Middle Ages and it was one of only four the royal collegiate churches in Norway.

The church was an important station of the Pilgrim´s Route to Nidaros which ran along the coast.

 Alf Magne Torkildsen