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 the City of Kristiansand
 Cardamom Town
 Captain Sabertooth

Kristiansand has the country´s seeond largest harbour, largest college and an economy based on industry, trade and tourism. A shopping trip in this town with its chessboard pattern is both easy and fun! All kinds of shops feature along the pavements and in the pedestrian precincts. All the fruit and vegetable stalls are to be found in the square in the town centre. From the square, it´s just a short distance to all four quarters of the town which are contained within an area of one square km!

The fishermen´s wharf and Gravanekanalen (the Gravane Canal are located in one of the town´s four quarters. Here, one can find an exciting fish market, a lively restaurant environment, small boat traffic and sightseeing boats. The indoor swimming pool and Bystranda (a fatastic sandy beach - in the town!) are located in the next quarter.

You can even fish for salmon in the river Otra just a couple of stone´s throws away!

 Airport Kristiansand Airport  Kjevik
 NSB The Sørland Railway (Norwegian State Railway).  Kristiansand
 Coach Where the rail network stops, the bus goes further.  Kristiansand
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