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 The city of Fredrikstad
 The Old Town
 Glomma river
 Kongsten Fortress
 Fredrikstad Bridge

Fredrikstad has a pulsating life, both day and night. The town has opened up towards the river Glomma. Along the strand it gets crowded on beautiful summer days. People eat, drink and enjoy life. There are a huge variety of restaurants. You can have anything from a cup of coffee to a fine dinner. In the end of the Pier Promenade, by the Kråkerøy bridge you find Fredrikstad Guest Harbour and Østfold fylkesbibliotek in locations called (The Hamburg Shed) which used to be a warehouse for the shipping traffic to and from Hamburg in Germany.

The Old Town on the east bank of the river is the real pearl in Fredrikstad. In 300 years, The Old Town has seen little change. The renaissance buildings, the gates, the drawbridge, the moat and the cobbled streets make this beautiful area the best preserved fortress town in Scandinavia.

There are 4,9 kilometres of pedestrian trails around The Old Town. If you come here on a Saturday in the summer or autumn time, you may have luck and find something you cherish at the weekly market at the Market Place next to the statue of king Fredrik Il.

The Fredrikstad Bridge is an arch bridge in the Norwegian city of Fredrikstad. It crosses the river Glomma, and connects the western and eastern parts of the city.

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