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 the City of Sandefjord
 Whaling town
 Sandefjord Kurbad
 Anders Jahre

Sandefjord perhaps best known as the "whaling town". Sandefjord has many interesting buildings, places and sculptures. The beautiful coastline, with small, flowery islands, soft sandy beaches and sheltered coves, are perfect places to visit by boat. Footpaths and cycle tracks wind their way along our crooked coast with easy access to the sea. Further inland you can find untouched forests, shimmering lakes and salmon fishinig if you know where or know someone who does.

Sandefjord has 116 islands within its city limits. Small bays give overnight shelter for those boating enthusiasts, while the beaches are teeming with life during the warm, summer days. The main, city harbour offers showers and washing facilities. Sandefjord heve a oasis in the middle of the town, with its abundance of flowers and beautiful trees the beautiful Town park.

The town also boasts rich Viking relics from the Gokstad burial mound, and in the Middle Ages, the town´s first citizens settled on the sea side at the base of Prestasen, which was then called Oddefjell.

 Airport Torp Airport Sandefjord (Private)  Torp
 NSB The Vestfold Railway (Norwegian State Railway).  Sandefjord
 Coach Where the rail network stops, the bus goes further.  Sandefjord
 Ferry Fjord Line transportation between Norway and the Europe.  Sandefjord
 Ferry Color Line operates four international cruise ferry lines.  Sandefjord
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