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A beautiful landscape surrounds the Eiker countryside. The lower part of the Drammen River is rich in forests, farms and vantage points. The inhabitants live in the villages Skotselv, Vestfossen, Darbu and the small town of Hokksund.


 Fossesholm manor  
Fossesholm manor

An estate since the Middle Ages, Fossesholm was expanded to 5O.000 acres in 1541, making it the largest farming and forestry property in the country. In the period 1647-51 the estate belonged to the vice-regent, Harnibal Sehested.

The buildings as we see them today are the result of the last enlargement and decoration in the rococco style in 1763. Today a cultural centre, art exhibitions and concert are organized at Fossesholm, also featuring exhibitions of dolls, the War Resistance, a shop for hand-crafted articles and a café.