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 North Cape Cliff

In beautiful surroundings 34 km north-west of Honningsvåg, you will find the fishing village of Gjesvær. Already in the Viking Age, Gjesvær was known as a trading post and fish station and was presumably the first site at Magerøy which had a permanent settlement. Gjesvær is mentioned in the Sagas (Heimskringla) as a northern harbor in the viking age, especially used by vikings on the way to Bjarmaland and probably also for gathering food in the nearby seabird colony.

From here, you have a magnificent view to "The mother with her daughters" - Gjesværstappan - an island group with one of Northern Norway´s largest bird rocks. In the summer season, daily bird safaris are organised - don"t miss it. It is also possible to spend the night and get something to eat in Gjesvær.

Regardless of the time of year you visit - with the mystical midnight sun, a spectacular thunderstorm or the magical Northern Lights.

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