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 City of Drammen

For those interested in history and exciting old things, Drammen has a lot to show. Drammens Museum, Buskerud County Museum is centrally situated in the city. Here you will find a lot of interesting items and valuable historic exhibits. Located at Marienlyst from around 1770. Regional Museum and Gallery for Buskerud is a traditional and medium sized summer residence with an intact inner garden. The main building is a hall way building.

Drammen formerly was the largest sailing vessel harbour in Norway and the Maritime Department of Drammen Museum contains a large collection of sailingship pictures. At Drammen Museum or one of the manor houses. Looking for paintings, you will find more than 500 works showing 200 years of development in Norwegian painting.

Drammen have two rock carvings fields. One at Åskollen and one in Skogerveien which is approximately 6000 years old.

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