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Oslofjordtunnel or Oslo Fjord Tunnel is a subsea road tunnel under the Oslo Fjord that connects Hurum in Buskerud to Drøbak in Akershus on eastern side of the fjord.

The Oslofjordtunnel is one of the longest underwater tunnels of its kind in Northern Europe; it is 7.2 km long and reaches a depth of 134 metres below sea level, with a maximum gradient of 7%. The tunnel was opened by King Harald V on June 29, 2000, providing an alternative method of transport between the east and west side of the Oslo Fjord, replacing the former ferry line between Drøbak and Storsand.

The tunnel has one lane in each direction with an extra lane in the inclining direction on the slopes. The speed limit of 80 km/h is enforced by road rule enforcement cameras. The tunnel is partially toll financed with a toll plaza on the east of the tunnel.

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