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 Pulpit Rock

The Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) is no doubt the best known tourist attraction and has been a magnet for tourists for over 150 years. The characteristic mountain shelf with a 25 meter squared plateau stands 604 metres over Lysefjord has been visited by hundreds of thousands throughout the years. The truly adventurous climb up the precipitous rock faces or parachute from the top.

From the Preikestolhytta, a 7 km traiI climbs the rest of the 350 metres to the top. Good shoes and physical health are necessary for the 3 - 4 hour hike. In June - August there are daily buses from the ferry quay at Tau to the cabin.

The famous, 40 km long Lysefjord, surrounded by impressive mountains carved out during the Ice Age is the dominant feature. Ferries and sightseeing boats from Stavanger call on many of the exiting towns and villages along the fjord.

The legal position in Norway about BASE jumping, also sometimes written as B.A.S.E. are made welcome. Base jumpers from Strandkolvet (1190 meters), Lysefjord (from the mountain Kjerag) is OK. Some other Norwegian places, like the Trollwall, are banned because of dangerous rescue missions in the past. Guinness World Records first listed a BASE jumping record with Carl Boenish´s 1984 leap from Trollveggen (Trollwall). It was described as the highest BASE jump. In 2010 Northern Norway celebrated with a world record with 53 Base jumpers jumping from a cliff.

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