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 Bird cliffs

About 90% of the population lives in the village Sørland where the administration is located, together with a doctor and a registered nurse, as well as the library. Here you will also find shops, fish landing facilities, a garage, and most of the services available in the municipality.

Fisheries have always been the most important industry in Værøy. More than 80 % of the workforce is employed in the fisheries. There is also salmon farming. The main product is still traditional stockfish intended for the Italian market. Today Værøy also have a modern and efficient herring industry. Værøy have also a hand made chocolate factory. Lofoten Chocolate offer high quality chocolate to businesses and individuals.

Værøy has one 9-year compulsory school, (primary and lower secondary levels), which is attended by about 90 students. There is a brass band, three choirs, and a football team.

In recent years, tourism has been increasingly significant for Værøy. Every day, a car ferry runs between Værøy, Røst and Bodø.

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