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The most well known place in Hol municipality is Geilo. Geilo is known as one of the best winter resorts of northern Europe. This cozy and friendly village in the upper Hallingdal valley has a long tradition of taking care of its guests, and has come to be a modern winter resort offering its visitors great variety and easy access. Access to Geilo is really easy via the local airport in Dagali.

Geilo is also the Capital of mountain areas of Southern Norway. Summer Geilo is an eldorado for activities and experience. Its location on the mountain and near the fjords gives you the opportunity for unique experiences. You will find the best of norwegian mountain nature here where Hardangervidda and Hallingskarvet are your closest neighbours. If you like, you can experience it all on horseback, or on a bicycle on the old "Rallarvegen", which goes westward along the Bergen Railway.

Geilo town centre is a busy shopping district, bustling with people. Varied and pleasant, cafes, restaurants and accommodation, the old buildings at Geilo fields (Geilojordet), the chairlift up to Geilo Peak, all this makes Geilo town centre a pleasant summer experience.

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