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Choose a part of Norway which can give you all you want in the way of nature and activities. The most well known place in Hol municipality is Geilo. Hol is a mountainous area, with the villages Geilo, Dagali, Hagafoss and Kvisla. The Hallingskarvet mountain range is the highest point in the municipality, at 1933 meters above sea level. The Usta or Usteåne River flows northeast from Lake Ustevatn traveling down the Ustedalen valley. The Hallingdalselva River is formed by the confluence of the Usta River and the Holselva River from Lake Strandavatnet. Lakes in the area Ustevatn, Nygardsvatnet, Strandavatnet Ørteren, Nyhellervatnet, Pålsbufjorden, Øvre Hein, Djupsvatnet and Flakavatnet.

The most seen attractions in Hol is Hallingskarvet National Park in the municipalities of Hol, Ulvik and Aurland. Hol Bygdemuseum is located along the road from Ål to Geilo in the small village of Hagafoss. The museum is built as an old farm (Holingsgard) with buildings of the local type. There are a total of 17 buildings, of which two, Nestegardsstugu and Raunsgardsstugu, have decorative wall paintings on the walls. Dagali Museum a museum with 10 buildings located in the middle of Dagali, on the edge of Hardangervidda. Buildings came from Dagali, Skurdalen, Tunhovd, and Uvdal. The oldest dates to the 18th century.

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