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The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) believe that "The best seafood in the world comes from Norway" and that is what the Norwegian Seafood Council wants people all over the world to believe too. There are a number of reasons why Norway is among the world"s biggest and most stable producers of seafood. The most important reasons are our nature, our culture and our structure – and the interrelation between them.

Norway´s nature-given advantages gives us a unique position to catch and cultivate seafood. As a seafood nation are not just its unique placing, where the cold Arctic waters meet the warm Gulf Stream. It is also a question of waters with the right current and temperature, and a coastline with islands, islets and deep, protective fjords.

The culture gives Norway unique, broad competencies as a seafood nation. Our culture of fish and fishing is not just about a history going back centuries; it is equally about modern competency building and food culture.

A combination of structural factors ensures that we can supply the world with seafood from Norway - today and tomorrow. Our politics, management, infrastructure and research ensure that we with good conscience can exploit the resources of the sea in a sustainable way.

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