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GoNorway is dedicated to bringing you the best deals, becouse we know Norway best. GoNorway is like a traditional guide book, aiming to provide advice on which destinations, attractions, accommodations, and so on, are worth a visit and providing information on how to access them.

 P R I C E  N A M E  P L A C E


Products grown far north growing under unique lighting conditions, gives the ingredients a special character. Norway is a pure region with fisheries, green pastures, small farms, and a modern meat and dairy industry, dominated by beautiful fjords, mountains, and untouched nature. Norway has a long coastline with excellent sea food.

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The Spiral Top is constructed on top of the old outer bulwarks on Bragernes Hill. Spiralen is for the people of Drammen what Fløyen is for the people of Bergen, the natural choice for a panoramic view, and enjoyable walks in the woods.

The Spiral tunnel inside Bragernes Hill climbs in spiral-form from 50 metres (approximately 650 feet) to over 200 metres (approximately 2600 feet) above sea-level. You can literally put your steering-weel into "veer-left mode", and continue up and up until you reach he top. The tunnel, which is 1.650 metres long, is formed like a coil spring, and makes six sharp turns on the ascent up to the top.

Spiralen Cafe and Restaurant is the perfect place to finish off your day with good food, a fantastic panoramic view and pleasant surroundings. If you want a panoramic view, closeness to nature and refreshments all in one package, then the Spiral Top is the place to go. Here you can see the city, the river, the fjord and surrounding areas, with the mountains in Kongsberg and Numedal on the horizon.

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The Glass Works itself currently form the heart of Blaafarveværket Museum. This is where the annual art exhibitions are held, as well as the permanent exhibition "From Cobalt Ore to Blue Pigment" in the Glass Works. The Children´s Farm is also located here, along with the Bødtker Cafes (Old Coopers´ Inns) where you can enjoy a meal, and the Mill which houses The Blue Shop (souvenirs). In the Wheel House there is an exhibition about the history of Blaafarveværketl. There is a bathing spot and a large park with tables and benches along the bank of the Simoa river, and the Tourist Information Office for Modum, Sigdal and Eggedal is also at the Works.

Blaafarveværkets old general stores and inn, both steeped in tradition, are at Haugfosstråkka (the open area near Haugfoss) close to the magnificent Haugfossen waterfall. The 300-year old general stores offer an enormously varied range of goods.

The Cobalt Mines on the ridge of Skuterudåsen stretch three kilometres from north to south. Visitors can walk along the side of enormous open-cast mines in a remarkable man-made landscape. They can also take a guided tour into the mines and experience the special atmosphere of tunnels and chambers inside the mountain.

The Th. Kittelsen Museum provides a home for the largest collection of works by Norways national artist. This is where you can see his paintings of trolls, folk tales and the Norwegian landscape, in which you can often catch a glint of Kittelsens marvellous sense of humour.