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rødøyløva, roedoeyloeva
Rødøyløva, Roedoeyloeva

The majestic Rødøyløva, a 440 metres high sphinx with a hue of reddish serpentine, is the motif for Rødøy local authority´s coat of arms.

The mountains are easy to climb for hikers, and there is a sign-posted route to Rødøyløva. Both Mount Rødøyløva and Mount Hestmannen (the Horseman) lies near the shipping lanes and has always been an identification mark for sailers.

Rødøy is a coastal township under the Arctic Circle, the famous landmark which you cross on the Kilboghamn - Jektvik ferry, is marked by a globe.

Why not leave your car at the Jektvik harbour and catch the ferry to the islands. Set aside one day, bring your bicycles and explore the islands of archipelago, for example Nordnesøy. Many of the islands in the county can be reached by ferry from Jektvik or Kilboghamn. You can take a round trip tour with the local "island ferry" on certain days. The daily express boat runs from Tonnes.

  Just north of Hestmannen is the old trading centre of Selsøyvik. Founded in the 1770´s Selsøyvik is still a thriving community with a grocery store, fish farms, shipping agency and tanker facilities.

People live on 6-7 of the biggest islands along the fjords on the mainland. The Coastal Route passes through rich natural scenery and fascinating small communities.

Both the World´s most beautiful Tourist Road (Kystriksveien) the Coastal Route and the World´s Most Beautiful Voyage (Hurtigruten) the Coastal Express passes through rich natural scenery and fascinating small communities.


The sea attracts boating enthusiasts, while anglers can choose between ocean and fresh-water fishing. Many of the hotels and camping sites offer boat rentals and tours for fishing or sightseeing. You also can rent speed boats, join sail-boat trips and at not at least experience "peace of mind".