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 Rafting Dagali

Rafting along Numedalslågen and in Dagalifallene is very popular. Professional guides with long experience in river safety and service. You can choose between the normal rafting, extreme rafting, extreme plus rafting, Duckies tour and a cleft tour. All necessary safety equipment, a wetsuit, a splash jacket, shoes, a helmet and a vest are included. (It is sensible to bring a woollen sweater or long underpants/underwear to wear under the wetsuit.) The season is from May to October.

The most well known place is Geilo. Geilo is known as one of the best winter resorts of northern Europe. This cozy and friendly village in the upper Hallingdal valley has a long tradition of taking care of its guests, and has come to be a modern winter resort offering its visitors great variety and easy access. Access to Geilo is really easy via the local airport in Dagali.

Gourmet lamb from Gilde is juicy and tender quality meat from lambs that have grazed in the area around Hallingskarvet, Trollheimen, Jostedalsbreen Glacier or Sirdalsheiene. The lamb supplies the care of a rich alpine menu containing herbs, grasses, heather and shrubs. Gourmet lamb is juicy and tender meats that are carefully chosen, and passing through Gilde unique tenderizing process.

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