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Nortura is organized as a cooperative owned by 18,700 Norwegian farmers. Nortura ensures that consumers all over the country have the same selection of quality products to choose from. Nortura supply the country´s major brands Gilde, Prior, Eldhus, Joika, Thulefjord, and Terina. Nortura have approx. 5,600 employees in different industries in 28 municipalities all over the country.

Superior range is a product range which we have gathered our most unique ingredients. This is prime beef cuts of high quality that has a unique origin, race, origin or processing with a unique history. Today we are better at telling our guests about wine producer in Italy than to tell the story of our own great food products and raw materials. As wine producers in South Africa, we will tell our story - about the chicken from Jæren receiving a feed that they ate the shoreline in the old days. Furthermore, what makes Santa Kristina cured ham from Mjøs villages are at least as good as hams from Italy.

The series consists only of Norwegian raw materials produced by the Norwegian nature, we proudly show off. The concept is supported by Norwegian chefs in Hotels and Restaurants around the country. These have a special fondness for local produce from their district or from areas with their own specialties. We bring the farmer and the story behind the food closer to your guests. As a partner of the Norwegian Culinary Team we are also developing in collaboration with those menu suggestions based on raw materials in the Superior range.

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