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Ringerike is a municipality in Buskerud county. The administrative centre of the municipality is the town of Hønefoss. The historic area of Ringerike included not just the modern municipality of Ringerike but also Hole and (sometimes) the eastern parts of Modum and Krødsherad.

Ringerike is famous for two agriculture products; Ringerike potato (Ringerikspotet) and Ringerike pea (Ringeriksert).

Jens Aabel first started production of Ringerike potato around 1867. Ringerike pea has obtained PDO (protected designation of origin). The Ringerike potato has applied for the same protection, and is waiting for the result from the Agriculture department (2003).

In June 2007, the potato got "protected geographical indication" (PGI) under the name Ringerikspotet fra Ringerike. Six farmers are now producing and packing this special potato at Ask in Ringerike. Most of the potatoes are sold in the Oslo area.

In the early Viking Age, before Harald Fairhair became the first king of Norway, Ringerike was a petty kingdom. Sigurd Hjort, king of Ringerike, was the father of Ragnhild Sigurdsdotter, the mother of Harald Fairhair. Following Harald´s consolidation of Norway in the late 800s, the kingdom appears to have been ruled by a series of local jarls and client kings. One, Harald´s son Halfdan Haleg, met his end in Orkney at the hands of Jarl Torf-Einarr. This was an act of revenge.

A later sub-king of Ringerike, Sigurd Syr, was the father of Harald Hardråde and the step father of Olav den hellige, both kings of Norway. According to the Heimskringla, "(When) King Olaf Tryggvason came to Ringerike to spread Christianity, Sigurd Syr and his wife allowed themselves to be baptized".

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