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 Myklesjøen lake

Golsfjellet is the mountain plateau between Gol, Hemsedal and Valdres. Golsfjellet is a family friendly mountain area with a grand view of Hallingskarvet, Skogshorn, Gaustadtoppen and Jotunheimen and more than 150 km of well prepared ski tracks.

At Golsfjellet you will find Storefjell Ski- og toboggancentre. A family friendly lift, with a seperate sledding slope, and Golsfjellet Alpinsenter in Bualie. Family friendle alpinesenter with big ski playground, sleighing track, park with jumps and rails, warming room, ski rental and imediate acsess to cross country track.

The ski center has three lifts and eight pistes of varying length and difficulty, separate children´s area, terrain park and toboggan hill. In addition, there are separate slopes for special sleds, as well as two large toboggans and ski play area for the little ones.

Also situated on Golsfjellet is the Storefjell Ski-and sledding centre, providing families with more high-speed activities. This is a good starting point for those who wish to combine alpine and cross-country skiing.

From the alpin centre you can access the Cross country track network on Golsfjellet. There are more than 250 well-prepared ski tracks here in varied and family friendly terrain, with no hasardous or difficult areas.

Storefjell Resort Hotel is a full service hotel on the high mountain. It is situated centrally on Golsfjellet, right between Hallingdal and Valdres, and between Oslo and Bergen.

Søråsen is a mountainous area in the south-eastern part of Gol municipality, bordering Sør-Aurdal and Nes. Limit the Nystølsfjellet mountain in the north, with Nystølsvarden mountain as the highest point, and the Vardfjellet mountain in the south.

Nystølsvarden mountain is the highest point in Gol with a view to Norefjell mountain in south, Hallingskarvet and Reineskarvet west and Jotunheimen in the north. Other mountain areas Søråsen is Holtelifjellet mountain and Raudalsfjellet mountain. Other peaks are Endefjell mountain with Søthaugberget mountain, Meitebekkfjellet mountain, Bergaleinnatten mountain, Kyrkja mountain, Nøsen mountain and Røggenatten mountain.

Of the lakes are Myklesjøen lake, Grøsetvatnet lake, Kroktjern lake, Røggjin lake, Andsjøen lake, Raudalsvatnet lake, Store Grevsjøen lake and Høvren (820 m asl ) of the largest lakes with whitefish and trout.

Nordåsen is the local term for what is often associated with Gol and famous hotels Storefjell, Oset, Kamben, Guriset, Hallingen and Ørterstølen.

Søråsen is the highest part of Gol with cabins, traditional mountain pastures. On Søråsen are old "stølslag" such as Eivindli, Holt, Vestreli, Frøysoksstølan, Vass Voll Stølan, Nystølen Raudalen, Høvresli, Andsjøstølan and Røggjin.

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