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From the coldest waters, during the darkest nights of the year, emerges an exceptionally light and delicate wild-caught fish. But the journey from sea to table is not one to be taken lightly.

Skrei (skray) is a true wonder of nature and a culinary delicacy unlike any other. This extra-premium wild Norwegian cod in its prime must meet strict quality standards to be considered Skrei. Skrei comes from the old Norse for "Wanderer"

Each January (January to mid-April) a miraculous event occurs. After years spent growing strong in the feeding grounds of the Barents Sea, Norwegian Cod in their prime head southward, returning to their Lofoten Islands spawning grounds in northern Norway in search of a mate. It´s a journey from the top of the world that transforms Norwegian cod into Skrei.

Skrei is a unique delicacy available for only a few short months each year. Caught along the Norwegian Coast, only the leanest, highest-quality Norwegian Cod can be certified Skrei. For a Norwegian Cod in its prime to be considered Skrei, it must be the best of the best quality.

Swimming thousands of miles, this arduous journey strengthens the sleek fish, creating a long, extra-lean and incredibly delicate fillet. Sought after for its superior flavor and flaky meat, Skrei is a prize of the sea and a source of pride for a nation. It´s a catch so special that it drives Norway´s fishermen to the sea in droves-willing to risk it all-year after year.

In search of Skrei

During these longest, coldest nights of the Norwegian winter, a determined fleet of Norwegian fishermen sets sail to brave the unforgiving currents and pounding waves of the Barents Sea.

Just as generations have for hundreds of years before them, Norwegian fishermen take to the sea each night under cover of darkness in search of an exquisite catch-one worthy of the Skrei label.

Passionate about their catch, the fishermen treat Skrei with incredible respect, taking extra care to maintain its immaculate, artisanal quality, and ensuring only the finest Skrei reach your table.

What Classifies Norwegian Cod in its Prime as Skrei?

The first catch of the season, harvested from January to mid-April.

A fully grown Norwegian Cod in its prime of at least 5 years of age.

Caught on small boats in the traditional spawning grounds off the coast of northern Norway.

Immaculate condition - no scratches, bruising or injuries to body.

The meat is flaky, delicate, tender and lean.

Skrei also has strict packaging and shipping guidelines. It must be packaged within 12 hours of being caught and stored on ice between 32° and 39° Fahrenheit. Skrei is shipped whole with the head off and a Skrei brand tag attached to the forward dorsal fin.

Skrei Nutritional Value

The flavorful fish is also rich in nutrition, providing proteins, vitamins, including vitamin D, an important nutrient that fights illness from lack of sun exposure-minerals and omega-3s. It´s also one of the leanest fish available because it stores fat in the liver, not muscles.

Seafood from Norway.
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Norwegian Arctic Skrei
(spawning Skrei)
"The Wanderer"
January to April


Up to 150 cm