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GoNorway is dedicated to bringing you the best deals, becouse we know Norway best. GoNorway is like a traditional guide book, aiming to provide advice on which destinations, attractions, accommodations, and so on, are worth a visit and providing information on how to access them.

 P R I C E  N A M E  P L A C E
 From NOK



We drive Can-Am Outlander ATVs in a summery Svalbard Landscape. Summer in the Arctic is short and hectic with a rich animal and bird life, and it is not uncommon to see both deer and foxes. In the summer months from May to almost the end of August, we have daylight around the clock.

We start the tour from Longyearbyen and drive towards Adventdalen. After about 3 kilometers, we arrive the old airport located in the valley. From the old airport, we continue into beautiful Endalen. The guide will take us up the mountain where the only running coal mine in Longyearbyen is located, mine number 7. On top of the mountain is the Kjell Henriksen Observatory for Northern Light-research. We stop here to enjoy the fantastic view across Adventdalen and the fjord. On the way down, we visit Basecamps trapper´s station with 100 Alaskan husky in Bolterdalen. Coffee is served and perhaps we get to meet the dogs before returning to town.

 From NOK



During the winter months, more specifically between November 14 and January 29, you can experience a very special phenomenonon Svalbard - the Polar night. During this period the sun doesn´t shine on Svalbard - a mesmerising experience.

24 hour darkness

Call it magic - Once the sun retreats to more than 6° below the horizon the Longyearbyen becomes a magical place lit only by street lights, the aurora borealis and moonlight, which glitters in the snow. This creates a unique atmosphere, and the mystic light reminds you that you are, without a doubt, well off the beaten track.

Northern lights on Svalbard

Without the sun your chances of seeing the rich colours of the northern lights dancing in the sky are doubled. This solar effect in incredible and truly inspiring. Dream of seeing the aurora? Visit Svalbard in the Polar night, where the northern lights can shine both "day" and night.