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Hansa Borg Breweries consists of the three traditional breweries Hansa Borg and CB (Christianssands Brewery) and micro brewery Waldemars in Bergen. Although breweries make up the majority of our business, we also produce a variety of different types of mineral water and cider at our facilities. We also have a very modern drain and production facilities for Olden natural mineral water in Oldedalen in Nordfjord.

In November 2013 bought Hansa Borg Breweries majority stake in Nøgne Ø. The small brewery in Grimstad has been an important player in the development of micro-breweries in Norway, and their beers are renowned for their quality and uncompromising, both at home and abroad.

Christianssands Brewery was started in 1856 and was taken over by the consultant Jørgen Christiansen in 1859. He completed the construction and started production in the fall of that year. Since spring 1999, the CB has been part of Hansa Borg Breweries AS. Christianssands Brewery is a cornerstone company in Kristiansand and has solid grounding in the entire South Coast. CB-products are known and loved, whether they are with or without alcohol.

Olden is a natural mineral water which originates from Blåfjell source at Jostedalsbreen National Park. As the ice on the underside of glacier melting, the water flows through the bedrock of gneiss where it is added minerals, and with good pressure through conduit flows directly into the bottling plant our in Oldedalen valley. Strict quality ensures that water is untouched and unprocessed until it is bottled.

Specialists on glaciers suppose that in Blåfjell source under the glacier is dark, cold and oxygen-free. Olden has therefore in its original form infinite durability. But as soon as the water is bottled expose it to light, heat and oxygen levels that penetrates the bottles over time. To ensure quality, we have put an expiration date on a maximum of one year in bottles. Olden is perfectly clean, crystal clear and fresh, untouched by modern pollution and among the world"s finest natural mineral water in the bottle.

Waldemars microbrewery established in the heart of "old Hansa" - in the same building that once the room Hansa stately brew house. Now Bergen´s own brewery back where it all started. The building´s ancient greatness is recreated - and again, beer is brewed on "Kalfaret". Mikrobrewery´s impressive brass tanks located in the middle of the restaurant Kalfaret Brygghus, the enthusiasm for the restaurant´s guests and beer enthusiasts.

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