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Mack Bryggeri ( Mack Brewery ) AS L. Macks ølbryggeri og mineralvannsfabrikk s a brewery in Balsfjord. It was considered the world´s northernmost brewery until shifting their production to Nordkjosbotn in 2012.

Mack is also co-owner of the Norwegian brand "Solo". Solo was established way back in 1934, and has been a frequent companion through many Norwegians´ youth and daily life, and it still is. Solo is owned by four breweries: Ringnes, Aass Bryggeri, Mack and Oskar Sylte Mineralvannsfabrikk.

Mack Bryggeri was founded during 1877 in Tromsø by Ludwig Markus Mack (1842–1915), son of a German immigrant, businessman and local politician. He had been educated as a baker, like his father, but several trips to visit his brewmaster uncle in Bavaria led him to pursue construction of a brewery in northern Norway. As a result, Mack beers were, and still remain, particularly German in character

.A large portion of the shares are presently owned by Ludwig Mack´s descendants. Mack Bryggeri claims to be the northernmost brewery in the world, a claim that is cited on Mack´s beer bottles. After over 130 years of operation in Tromsø, in March 2012 the company moved production to Nordkjosbotn, and subsequently lost the title of world´s northernmost brewery to the brewery operated inside the Hotel Icefiord in Ilulissat (Greenland) by a margin of a mere 50 meters.

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