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Ringnes is Norway´s largest brewery company with approximately 1,200 employees. The company is owned by "Carlsberg Group", the world´s fourth largest brewery group. We deliver beer, soda and water to the entire Norwegian beverage market and we are proud of our many strong brands!

Ringnes brewery was established in 1876 by brothers Amund Ringnes and Ellef, who came from Ringnes Gard. Amund was brewer, Ellef administrator and salesman, and Axel Heiberg was the financier behind now. 28 November 1877 could Amund Ringnes put the first brewed, thus starting what has now been 130 years of brewing history. Ringnes-brothers stood centrally among those who did Fridtjof Nansen and Otto Sverdrup "Fram" - Finished possible. A lasting memory of this is the three islands in the northernmost Canada (west of Greenland), as Sverdrup named after the brewery´s founders, Axel Heiberg Island, Amund Ringnes Island and Ellef Ringnes Island.

The sources at the foot of Beechwood in Larvik has been known for centuries. They were not commercially exploited until around 1840, when Karen Linaae established a small spas here, colloquially known as karens sulfur. It did not take long before a source"s healing effect was known. In 1858 the bathroom discontinued. Some years later Larvik Bad created at the source. It was superior in the bathroom, Dr. Natvig who launched the idea of tapping spring water bottled.

For thousands of years, water flowed out from the underground source scenic Imsdalen located at the foothills of the Rondane. The crystal-clear spring water, nature itself ennobled by thorough filtering through huge sand masses. Imsdalkilden was long a well-kept secret among hunters and fishermen in the valley. Today tapped spring water directly from the source of the bottles. Just fresh, clean and tasty as nature created it.

Solo is perhaps the most famous brand, and by far the largest Norwegian soda. Solo was established way back in 1934, and has been a permanent companion for many Norwegians childhood and youth - and it´s even. The recipe for Solo is originally from Spain, where solo "father", Torleif Gulliksrud took with them the recipe from Spain to Tønsberg, and not long after it was refreshing orange drink available in stores.

Solo quickly became the country´s most popular beverage, and until the 60th century was the larger than Coca Cola in Norway. Solo is today the third largest soft drinks brand, owned by four manufacturers with mashed rights. Solo is owned by four breweries: Ringnes, Aass Bryggeri, Mack and Oskar Sylte Mineralvannsfabrikk.

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