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lefdal mine datacenter

Lefdal Mine Datacenter (LMD) aim to exploit Norway and Lefdal Mine´s nature give advantages in terms of location, green power, the low cost of power and cooling, stabile infrastructure and political environment to create the best datacenter facility in Europe. 98.5 % of total power production is Hydroelectricity. Norway produces nearly twice as much renewable energy as any other Nordic country. Increasing production ensures lower prices.

Several key differentiators build up our unique value proposition. Norway and Sogn & Fjordane as location, low power prices, large local surplus power production, world leading cooling solution, low construction costs, natural EMP security, renewable power, large spaces with unique scalability, flexible product solutions and high ICT competence ensuring a high quality product and services.

The Norwegian Government and Regional Public Sector organizations across Norway have recognized the potential market and continue to invest public sector resources towards enabling the local datacenter industry to grow into an international, commercially attractive solution that will generate an increase in Direct Foreign Investment for the Norwegian Economy.

With stable political governance, a stable economy (credit ranking nr. 1 in the world), the ease of doing business (ranked nr. 6 in the world) and readily available access to clean hydropower, Norway provides a unique proposition to satisfy a growing international marketplace for large scale Datacenter, IT Hosting Services and International Cloud Delivery Centers. The power grid and other related infrastructure needed are rated amongst the best in the world.

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