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grans bryggeri

Grans Bryggeri is a brewery founded in 1899 in Sandefjord. Today own Grans Brewery of family and Treschow Fritzøe with 50 percent each. The name was Sandefjord Bryggeri og Mineralvandfabrik A/S until 1965. After two generations of Guttorm Gran (senior and junior) in the management, Trygve Christophersen was employed as CEO in 2001.

Grans Brewery is not like other breweries, and it all started in 1966 when Guttorm Gran late. resigned from the Brewery Association in protest against the proposition that the major Oslo breweries would get dominate "Beer-Norway".

The beer produced only under own labels and Grans delivers mainly to Rema 1000. In addition, some institutions and selected restaurants. Box beer produced by Harboe in Denmark on license. This because the tapping canned entails a fairly big investment and that in his time did not know how big box sales would be. Grans states that there still may be relevant in taking box production home sometime in the future. Grans also has a separate Supporting membership; Gran of beer Friends - G.Ø.L.V. The Association was founded in 1997 and currently has around 250 members.

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