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Egge Gård located in the farming valley of Lier, Egge Gård recides facing south with a grand view of the countryside. Today, we produce around 250 tons of strawberries and 1,5 million strawberry plants per year. In addition, we have around 30 000 apple trees that produce approximately 100 tons of apples every autumn, a large part of these grown organically. The farm is currently run by Marius Egge, who is the 11th generation of Egge on the farm. Marius is passionate about both food and beverages, and early on realised the potential of the tart Norwegian fruit. Based on apples from the local area, Marius has developed an extensive and diverse production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages of high quality. At the same time, we wish to have a sustainable and natural production on the farm.

Norway´s only and best dessert apple wine made from frozen apples. Fragrance of apples, cider, citrus and honey. Lovely and big concentration of the palate with a fruity mix of a massive tartness of 26 grams per litre and a rich and full sweetness. Fabulous length and clear apple finish. Goes well with apple desserts like apple tart, and vanilla ice cream and sorbets.


Liereple is a natural product, full of vitamins and nutrients. To preserve the fresh taste, we cold‐press the apples without adding sugar or water. We use the whole apple and press it unfiltered to allow the juice to keep the pulp, which affects the taste significantly.


Egge Gård Liersider is produced mainly on apples of the “Aroma” variety, which is a Scandinavian staple. The apples used for the cider originate from the Lier area, and are after pressing, placed in tanks and added yeast. After fermentation it is bottled, and allowed to ferment for the second time. This is the traditional French way of brewing cider, also known as the Champagne‐method. This is an exclusive and demanding method that gives a fragrant and tasteful cider with small, elegant bubbles. Liersider is fresh, sweet and has a great apple flavour.


Aass & Egge Norsk Singe Malt is made from Aass Juleøl, a brown ale typically used for Christmas in Norway. The distillate is matured over three years on both French oak barrels and Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks that takes up to 550 l. Aass & Egge has no artificial additives and is chill filtered. The 2008 bottling of 3000 numbered bottles was very well received on the Norwegian marked, and has since then been one of our most popular products.

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