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Sogndalsfjøra is located where the river Sogndalselvi runs out in the Sogndalsfjorden, a branch of the large Sognefjorden. The village is located about about 10 kilometres northwest of the village of Kaupanger, and about 31 kilometres southeast of the village of Fjærland. Sogndalsfjøra is home to the association football team Sogndal Fotball. The area is home to major tourism industries, along with sawmills, lumber production, and a slaughterhouse. The Lerum Konserves, the largest Norwegian producer of juice and jam, is located here. Stedje Church is located in the village.

Sogndal is the educational center of Sogn og Fjordane County. Students from all over Norway come to Sogndal and they create a high level of activity, which is hard to find in places of similar size. Sogndal has University College, a large upper secondary school and the oldest continuously running folk high school in the country. The Norwegian Booktown consists of 12 second-hand bookshops in Fjærland, together offering almost every category of literature. Norwegian Glacier Museum, possibly the most entertaining museum in Norway. In Kaupanger, the old Stave church from the 12th century is still standing.

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