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After a huge effort performed by several parties, the river has been cleaned and it is now again possible to swim here or to fish the river abounds in fish. Footpaths and green areas have been established along the banks, to be enjoyed by cyclists and walkers.

The area between the City bridge and the Holmen bridge has also been developed into parkland, and is now known as Bragernes Riverside Park. 200 trees and thousands of perennials have been planted here in order to create a pleasant leisure area. The area where the river meets the fjord also now a fjord park. All in all, Drammen can boast three new park developments along the waterway.

Drammen Camping, Åssiden, AAsiden

In the west, close to Nedre Eiker, there is also a green lung – Sølfastøya, an island with a children´s playground and where Drammen Angling Club have their base. Walking and bicycle trails have been developed along both riverbanks, and run almost continuously through the city.

Beaches along the Drammen River are: Bragernes Strand, Holmennokken, Åssiden elvepark, Gropa, Sølvfastøya, Sota Fjordpark, Nøstodden, Fjordparken, Gilhusodden. Drammensbadet is an excellent alternative on a fine summer day.

City Bridge

Drammen River flows into Drammen Fjord, which is 25 km long. Its shores are one large recreational area with cottages and opportunities for bathing and angling, all the way to the narrow rapid Svelvikstrømmen.

Gulskogen Bridge

Several bridges connect the Bragernes side and the Strømsø side. City Bridge, Ypsilon Bridge, Øvre Sund Bridge, Holmen Bridge, Landfalløya Bridge and E-18 Drammen Bridge.

skutebrygga, glass


Drammen have two restaurants close to the river called Skutebrygga and Glass. Skutebrygga whose menus will satisfy any needs, from simple dishes to Norwegian specialities. In central Drammen alone are 40 eating places, ranging from small cafes two elegant restaurants. Drammen have 5 hotels close to the river and a camping by the river.

Drammens Fjord and River provide plenty of activities. Both the fjord and the river offer great fishing, salmon and trout being the most attractive catches in the river, notably at stretch up to Hokksund and Hellefossen. There are ample opportunities to catch various species of fish in the fjord up to the mouth of the river. The river itself is also a fine place to fish.

We have followed the Drammenselva river from Filtvet, Holmestrand, Rødtangen, Svelvik, Lahell, Engersand, Gyldeløve Brygge up to Hellefossen - one of the best salmon rivers in the country, as many as 42 species of fish have been registered.

Salmon and Trout River

Hellefossen is one of the best places and the most popular area, with a large sale of angling cards during the season. The catch in the river was 11.000 kg in 1992, and salmon weighing between 10 and 20 kg are no unusual phenomenon!

The season for salmon fishing stretches from May to September / October.

Drammen City


Excellent conducted tours by boat are also available on the river and the fjord. It is recommended to take a boat tour on the river and the fjord. A fjord safari and charter tours by M/S Drammen include a visit to splendid Nøstetangen Glassworks. Groups can book tours on the fjord on board a wonderful 117-year-old galeas, the Christiane owned by the sea scouts.

River Festival


The River Festival takes place every year in Drammen. The festival features concerts, fun fair, dragon boats, raft racing and bathtub rowing. More than 100 different events take place during the River Festival.


Gyldenløve Pier is situated in the 18th century shopping street Tollbodgaten, on the shores of the river, and holding several old houses. The design of the new houses by the pier is very similar to the old boathouses that formerly lined the river in this place.