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Norway is a small country when it comes to inhabitants. We are a proud people and we are in a much better mood if we know we are among the BEST in the world. Here are some Norwegians, with different occupation, which have made a name for themself and where they are located.

 N A M E  T Y P E / A D D R E S S / M A P  P L A C E
 Edvard Munch  The Munch exhibitions "Munch Museum".  Oslo
 Gustav Vigeland  The Vigeland Sculpture Park.  Oslo
 Tidemand & Gude  The National Gallery.  Oslo
 Frits Thaulow  The National Gallery.  Oslo
 Kai Fjell  The National Gallery.  Skoger
 Odd Nerdrum  The National Gallery.  Oslo
 Karl Erik Harr  Paint and Graphic Art.  Kvæfjord
 Håkon Bleken  Paint and Graphic Art.  Trondheim
 Håkon Gullvåg  Paint and Graphic Art.  Trondheim
 Hariton Pushwagner  The National Gallery (Pop Art).  Oslo
 Vebjørn Sand  Paint and Graphic Art.  Fredrikstad
 Christian Skredsvig  The Foyer at the National Theatre.  Eggedal
 Theodor Kittelsen  The "Troll Magic" painter.  Sigdal
 Jakob Weidemann  Paint and Graphic Art.  Lillehammer
 Kjell Nupen  Paint and Graphic Art.  Kristiansand
 Morten Halvorsen  Paint and Graphic Art.  Drammen
 Morten Viskum  Paint and Graphic Art.  Vestfossen
 Tom Erik Andersen  Surreal artist.  Drammen
 Magnus Voll Mathiassen  Graphic designer and illustrator.  Drammen
 Henrik Ibsen  Ibsens childhood home.  Venstøp
 Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson  Bjørnson and Karoline´s home.  Aulestad
 Henrik Wergeland  The Norwegian Constitution was signed.  Eidsvoll
 Herman Wildenvey  Some of Norway´s most known artis lived here.  Portåsen
 Jonas Lie  Some of Norway´s most known artis lived here.  Hokksund
 Alexander Kielland  One of the most famous Norwegian authors.  Stavanger
 Sigrid Undset  The Nobel Prize for Literature.  Lillehammer
 Knut Hamsun  The Nobel Prize for Literature.  Garmo
 Jørgen Moe  A Norwegian bishop and author.  Mo
 Triztan Vindtorn  Norwegian poet and performance artist.  Drammen
 Jostein Gaarder  Norwegian author of several novels (Sophie´s World).  Oslo
 Stargate Studios  Grammy award winners several years.  Trondheim
 Røyksopp  Electronic music duo from Tromsø.  Tromsø
 Espen Lind  A lot of writing and producing (Beyoncé).  Tromsø
 a-ha  Sales were aided in the U.S. by heavy rotation on MTV.  Oslo
 Harald Zwart  Several award-winning films.  Fredrikstad
 Ray Kay  Ray Kay is one of the hottest music video directors.  Haugesund
 Morten Krogvold  Henie-Onstad Art Centre.   (Several)  Sandvika
 Jan Erik Wessel  Galleri Wessel at Røst.  Røst
 Morthen Horgen  (Several)  Drammen
 Morthen Delbæk  Pictures from Hvasser.  Drammen
 Magnus Carlsen  The number-one ranked player in the world.  Haslum
 Kari Ulleberg  A Glass artist choice by the Royals.  Drammen