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The Monkfish or Anglerfish, (Breiflabb) can easily be recognised by its huge head, which constitutes half its entire length. Monkfish are found in tidal waters and down to depths of 600 metres, but during spawning season in the spring, they may go as deep as 2500 metres.

Monkfish generally spawn in the waters to the West of the British Isles. In the past, monkfish was only caught as a bycatch in Norway, but more recently, commercial fisheries have started targeting monkfish.
Fishing for monkfish is mainly done along the coast of the western counties of Møre & Romsdal and Sogn & Fjordane.


Sold fresh or frozen, skinned and headless, or as fillets. Monkfish was formerly considered an undesirable fish, but has become a favourite restaurant dish and is now regarded as one of the culinary delicacies of the sea. Its flesh is firm and white and well-suited to both poached and fried dishes.

Nutritional content Monkfish is a good source of protein and contains some vitamin A.

Seafood from Norway.
  monkfish, anglerfish, breiflabb



Monkfish are sold
all year round


Up to 200 cm
Weight up to 79 kg