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plaice, R¿dspette, Roedspette, fishing, salmon, lobster
plaice, R¿dspette, Roedspette

Plaice (Rødspette) is a flatfish that has its eyes on the right side, and smooth grey or brown skin with numerous characteristic red spots. The species is common in the North Sea from the intertidal zone down to depths of 250 metres.

Plaice is regarded as a territorial species, but when the spawning period pproaches, it may undertake long migrations to particular spawning grounds. The main spawning grounds for North Sea plaice are south of Dogger Bank.


Sold fresh as whole fish and fillets or as frozen fillets. Plaice can be fried, poached and grilled. It can also be breaded, deep-fried and served as the well-known dish fish and chips.

Nutritional content

Plaice contains vitamins A and D.

Seafood from Norway.
  plaice, R¿dspette, Roedspette



July to December


25 to 40 cm