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turbot, Piggvar

Turbot (Piggvar) is a member of the Scophthalmidae family of flatfish and is almostÊ completely circular. Turbot has both its eyes on its left side and has large, bony knots on its dark eyed side. It lives in the intertidal zone and down to depths of approximately 80 metres.

Turbot is often found partially buried in the seabed in sand, gravel, rocks and sediment. It is an active predator, and adult turbot live almost exclusively off other fish. The best places to fish for turbot in the North Sea are along the banks off the coast of northern Jutland in Denmark.

Much of the turbot that is sold in Europe is farmed, mainly in Southern Europe. In Norway, production is low because turbot requires relatively warm water.


Stocks are low in Norwegian waters, so it is only rarely found on sale here. Sold fresh in slices, fillets or as whole fish. Turbot flesh is white, firm, delicate and in great demand. Turbot can be fried, poached and grilled, and the meat is at its best from September to April.

Nutritional content

Turbot contains about 1 gramme of omega-3 fatty acids per 100 grammes of fillet.

Seafood from Norway.
  turbot, Piggvar



All year round


Up to 1 metre