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friele coffeDrammens Tidende


Norway is officially the best place in the world to live, according to the UN. The country, with more than 30% of the land covered by forests, rivers and lakes. Nearly half is given over to mountain ranges.

Drammen, Union Spiralen Open Air Museum Turmans vei Bragernes Church Gulskogen
Turmans vei Autumn Ypsilon Bridge Ypsilon Bridge The Hospital
Papirbredden Ypsilon Bridge Union Brygge Union Brygge Drammen Hospital
E18 Bridge Papirbredden Union Brygge Papirbredden Strangata
Ypsilon Bridge Ypsilon Bridge Ypsilon Bridge Hamborgstroem Sculpture
aass bryggeri, brewery Drammen Station Drammen Pier Skutebrygga Skutebrygga
Skutebrygga Glass Strandgata Old Kirkeplass Drammen Station
Strømsø, Stroemsoe Strømsø, Stroemsoe Øvre Storgate, OEvre Storgate Union Brygge Landfalløya, Landfaloeya
Drammen Valley Spiraltoppen Åspavlijongen, AAspavlijongen Hamborgstrøm Forest, Hamborgstroem Kjøsterudjuvet gorge, Kjoesterudjuvet ravine
Stordammen Stordammen Skioldhytta Skioldhytta Konnerudkollen
Konnerudkollen Konnerudkollen Konnerudkollen Konnerud mines Konnerud mines
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