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The choice of cycle routes is as varied as the many facets of Norway. From the mountainside to the Coastal Route. The description of a bicycle route along the Coastal Route is a combination between cycling and using other kinds of transportation. The stages for one day should not bee too hard on most of you.

The diversity of Norway´s vibrant scenic landscapes offers a wide choice of exciting cycling holidays. Whether you are cycling on tranquil roads through deep forests, over high mountains or along lush valleys and fjords, you set the pace, decide distance and stop when you find a cosy cafe, an idyllic picnic spot or when you see something you want to investigate more closely. Or just simply stop to savour the feeling of absolute freedom and absorb the beauty of the countryside. This is cycling holidays in Norway at their best.

There are many well-planned cycling routes in Norway. A special cyclist´s map, route description and other relevant information are available. The trails are signposted with special signposts with many attractions en route. You can either rent a cycle or bring your own.

Experience your destination from a bicycle, ideal for bathing, sightseeing, and round trips. City bikes for hire for pleasant cycle rides is easily accessible and flat countryside.

Arctic Race of Norway 2015 running from August 13th to 16th 2015, the 3rd edition of the Arctic race of Norway will be made up of 4 stages and will cover a total distance of 700 kilometres.. The city stages are: Harstad, Evenskjer, Setermoen, Finnsnes, Målselv, Narvik.

THE NAVY ROAD (Rallarvegen)

A ride on Rallarvegen is the most fascinating and dramatic cycling experience in Norway and perhaps Europe. The gravel road was built by hand in the late 19th century as part of the construction of the Bergenline Railway. Rallarvegen starts at Haugastøl in Buskerud County, continues to Finse and descends into dramatic Flåm in the fjord county of Sogn & Fjordane.

The Road provides you with a journey through Norwegian culture, history and nature. It is perhaps one of the most dramatic natural experiences you will ever encounter on a mountain bike.


The Numedal cycleroute covers a distance of 280 km following a varied landscape from the high mountains of Geilo and Dagalifjellet through rural surroundings in Numedal to the seaside town of Larvik. The contrasts are big, beautiful and exciting! From Dagalifjellet, at the highest point of the route, to Larvik, there is a difference in altitude of 1000 meters. The season stretches from May until September.


The old Royal road, “Silver road” is Norway’s oldest road and national road, built by Christian IV in 1624 for transportation of silver ore from Kongsberg silver mines to Haugsund (Hokksund), where the ore was transported down the Drammen river. The road, however, was quickly extended to Bragernes and Christiania. Today the road is a great experience by bike, the route goes all the way from Oslo to Kongsberg.

On the old Silver Road pass by one of the oldest stone arch bridges, blacksmith bridge. You can also swim in the Fiskum lake and Eikeren lake and visit Fossesholm mansion and Vestfossen on the road.


The coast of Helgeland is perfect for cycling. Your enjoyment of the natural surroundings will be more intimate and authentic from the seat of you bicycle. You decide yourself what speed to go at and how far to go, and you can stop whenever you like and enjoy the scenery- and your freedom. At the tourist information you can hire bikes and get information where to cycle.


From Horten to Helgeroa. This route takes in the most densely populated coastal region in Norway, but this is still a great place for cycle tours. Borre National Park boasts the largest collection of royal burial mounds in northern Europe.

Seafaring and hunting and fishing have long been of great importance to the region, with Sandefjord´s long history as a whaling port and the shipyard at Horten.


Beautiful waterways with rivers, lakes and forested hills. Moderate terrain, from 0 - 400 metres above sea level. The terrain becomes more challenging the further into the county you go.

Lifjell and Brokefjell provide the opportunity for fishing and hiking trips at heights of more than 1.OOO metres above sea level. Explore the sea serpent Selma which is said to lurk in the nearby Seljordvannet Lake.


Downhill cycling for all levels! Vrådal Mountain Bike Park is located at the skicenter in Vrådal. During the summer season you can take your bike on a gondola to the top of the skicenter and follow the terrain slopes down the mountain. The longest trail is 4 kilometer.


The landscape features gently rolling hills with lush forest and waterways such as the Drammenselva river, Tyrifjord and Lågen to spice up the route. Along the route are many nature reserves and conservation areas which protect unique natural phenomena, for example Fiskumvannet Lake.

Both fauna and flora flourish in this fertile environment and can be enjoyed at first hand if you are willing to make short diversions from the main route.


This route is mainly characterised by forests, lakes and rivers. The rolling countryside in this area is a change from mountainous areas, and rivers are long and narrow, only interrupted by streams or channels acting as a link to the next lake.

There is a rich variety of flora and fauna here, and this is one of the main areas in Norway where elks, the King of the Forest, are found.


Characterised by flat islets and skerries in idyllic coastal scenery, where deposits from the last Ice Age have marked the landscape. In this area, you will find "Jomfruland" (a moraine ridge), a seven kilometre long island to the east of Kragerø.

Risør with its galleries and Lyngør (selected as Europe´s best-kept village). There are many beaches and sloping rocks which are wonderful for swimming and sunbathing.


Varies between the outermost archipelago, with islets and skerries around Mandal to gently-rolling inland terrain with hills, lakes and rivers near Øyslebø.

There are 19 sea bird reserves, to which access is prohibited between 15 April and 15 July, but in spite of this, there is still a wealth of exciting areas that you can visit, such as Skjernøy - Ryvingen and Ny Hellesund.


Rørosvidda is a gentle, friendly region of mountain Norway, in parts a dairy farming district with deep valleys covered in birch and pine forests, but also naked, weather beaten mountains and small, pictoresque villages are typical of the district. The centrepiece is the mountain hamlet Røros, once the hub of copper production in the area.

Its very distinctive characteristic buildings have put this beautiful hamlet on UNESCO´s list of preservation worthy cultural monuments.


OSLO, the capital of Norway.

BERGEN, The Gateway to the Fjords.

GEIRANGER, breathtaking scenery

STAVANGER, a "timber" town, the largest in Europe, also the capital of Oil.

HAUGESUND, here rests Harald the Fairhaired, Norway´s first king, buried at Haraldshaugen, Norway´s national monument.

ÅLESUND, the Art Nouveau town.

MOLDE, "the Town of Roses".

KRISTIANSUND, three islands connected by bridges and the lively harbour in its town centre.

TRONDHEIM, worth your while.

BODØ, the town of the sea eagle.

HENNINGSVÆR, a fishing village in Lofoten.

TROMSØ, "The Paris of Scandinavia".

HONNINGSVÅG, at the northern tip of Norway (North Cape).

LYNGØR, the best preserved village in Europe.

KRAGERØ, picturesque and idyllic.

RISØR, the white town on the Skagerrak.

SVELVIK, small and charming village.

DRAMMEN, the capital of Buskerud.

TØNSBERG, enjoy the view from the Castle Hill.

FREDRIKSTAD, the Old Town on the east bank of the river, a real pearl.

MOSS, the Canal is THE place to go.

HALDEN, Fredriksten fortress and close to the border of Sweden.

MANDAL, with a 250 acre nature reserve over 2 kilometres of sandy beaches.

ARENDAL, based around seven small islands.

LARVIK, burial mounds from the Iron Age at Mølen.

LILLESAND, display of flowers in the summer.

GRIMSTAD, Ibsen´s youth home.

HORTEN, High-Tech centre of the future.

SANDEFJORD, the whaling town.