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Karsten Solheim was born in Bergen and become a American golf club designer and businessman. He founded Karsten Manufacturing, a leading golf club maker better known by its brand name of PING, and the Solheim Cup, the premier international team competition in women´s golf.

Golf is a relative new sport in Norway and the countrys oldest golfcourse is Oslo Golf Club. Skiing is the main winter activity for Norwegians so don´t expect to play golf in Norway between November and March, but you will find many of Norway´s 125,000 or so affiliated golfers out on the country´s approx. 150 golf courses during the spring and summer months. Unless your golfing trip is during mid-summer, play it safe and ring ahead to make sure the snow has thawed.

GoNorway gives you the 10 best Golfcourses: Miklagard Golfclub, Oslo Golfclub, Larvik Golfclub, Sola Golfclub, Moss & Rygge Golfclub, North Cape Golfclub, Bjaavann Golfclub, Stavanger Golfclub, Kjekstad Golfclub, Drøbak Golfclub.

miklagard golfclubMIKLAGARD GOLFCLUB

Miklagard Golfclub opened in June 2001 with the intention of being one of Europe´s best golf resorts. Miklagard Golfclub is located in Ullensaker, an area with strong historical traditions dating back to Viking times. The name Ullensaker derives from the Norse Ullinshof.

The God Ull was the son of Siv and stepson of Tor (God of Thunder). Miklagard is the Norse name of Istanbul, historically known as an important trade center. All holes (18) on the course is named after Norse gods and kings. Signs, buildings and the appearance of the track is inspired by the Norse story.

Miklagard Golfclub is situated about 20 minutes North of Oslo, close to Oslo Airport Gardermoen.

oslo golfclub OSLO GOLFCLUB

Oslo Golfclub is located 20 km outside Oslo City Center. The road to Bogstad Camping, which is the next door neighbour. Oslo Golfclub is a golf course with high standard and a variation of difficulties. Norways oldest golfcourse. Close to Bogstadvannet water.

Relaxed after a good night´s sleep, filled with energy after an excellent breakfast and ready to tee off on the first tee. Greenfee is included in the hotel rate at Clarion Collection Hotel Gabelshus, and tee-off times can often be confirmed immediately.


Located in Røyken in Buskerud County. A golf course with high standard and a variation of difficulties. And interresting course with changing nature scenery. Drivingrange and a puttinggreen, 3 trainingholes for chipping and bunkers and a ProShop. Kjekstad Golf Club is located only 20 minutes drive from Drammen and 30 minutes from Oslo.

Take E18 to Asker and RV 167 to Heggedal. Go south to Brynsholmen and follow RV 165 to Midtbygda and then take a right turn to Kjekstad and follow the sign "Golfbane".

larvik golfclub LARVIK GOLFCLUB

Larvik Golfclub has one of the best courses in the Fritzøe Farm in Larvik Golfclub. Actually going 18-hole course in Larvik been pastures for cows, but fate decided otherwise. The golf course at Fritzøe Farm has a dramatic and tragic history. During 35 minutes burns the 5,500-square-foot building to the ground. All the 520 cows at the farm die.

Larvik Golfclub was selected as Norway´s best golf magazine Kapital in 2010. The Course has international standard, are of high quality and is one of the tracks with the longest playing season in the country. With us you can be a member with or without privileges at the 18-hole course. Its blowing a steady wind from southeast. Suitable for all kind of golfers.

north cape golfclubNORTH CAPE GOLFCLUB

North Cape Golfclub on the island of Magerøya in Finnmark is at the most northerly point in continental Europe, at latitude 70° 66" 4" N. The par is 20, you play three times round for the full 18, and you invariably gat eaten alive by mosquitos breeding in the muddy ground.

The club has a brand new golf course, Banak Links Golf Park, located along the waterfront on the east side of Lakselv airport and consists of a 9-hole golf course, with three tees and a practice area with driving range, putting green and outback areas. The total length of the path is about. 2,800 meters.

North Cape Golfclub is the only true links golf course. A links course is characterized by dune landscape along the waterfront. Such was the original golf courses in Scotland, where golf sport has its roots.

bjaavann golfclubBJAAVANN GOLFCLUB

Bjaavann Golfclub is a golf course with 9 holes, high standard and a variation of difficulties. Currently 9 out of the planned 18 holes are open. The course is designed by Robert Trent Jones jr. and is among the very best in Norway. Bjaavann Golfclub are located in Vest Agder County.

The golfcourse is located a few kilometres outside the city of Kristiansand. From E18 10 km east of Kristiansand follow sign towards Kjevik (the airport). Before passing the runway take R41 towards Ryen, then R453 towards Vennesla / Ålefjær. After approximately 4 km there is a sign "Golfbane" on your right hand, drive this road to the end and park.

deøbak, droebak golfclubDRØBAK GOLFCLUB

Drøbak Golfclub carried between 25,000 and 30,000 rounds of golf each season. Drøbak Golfclub and golf course are and have been among Norway´s top three most visited in over ten years.

Drøbak Golfclub is a cozy place to visit. We are known for our friendly and informal environment, which we appreciate and work to maintain. In addition, we have the time and labor of love got a very nice golf course with greens and top quality in all aspects to suit most amateurs, yet challenging enough for even the best players. We have an open and transparent 18 hole parkland course situated very centrally in idyllic Drøbak just 25 minutes drive from Oslo and Drammen.

We are proud of our golf course and construction, and has received many words of praise for green quality, layouts and more, and we have been honored with the award : "Premier European Golf Course" from the European Association of golf architects. We were in 2010, as one of three sports teams, nominated for inclusion price of NIF for our work to make the golf known and as an activity for all throughout including Golf Green Delight concept.

stavanger golfclubSTAVANGER GOLFCLUB

Stavanger Golfclub was founded in 1956 and is one of Norway´s oldest clubs. The 18 hole course is situated 5 km from the Stavanger center, and lies in quiet surroundings near the lake "Store Stokkavann".

The course, designed by British architect Fred Smith has a par of 71. It is a tree lined, and relatively tight layout. Small greens and undulating fairways add to the challenge, and many championships have been held here, both national and international. Stavanger Golfclub hosted the Norwegian Championships in August 2006.

The course has a very good driving range which is open to visitors, and also a nice putting green and other short play areas. Stavanger Proshop has 3 PGA certified professionals which are at your disposal every day. The club also has a nice cafe, "Cafe Birdie", which also has newly built bar in the old clubhouse.


Golf or a walk in the mountains? In Gol and Hemsedal you can do both - simultaneously. Located in beautiful surroundings between Gol and Hemsedal in Buskerud County. Two exciting nine-hole courses are there for everyone who wants to enjoy both of these pleasures at the same time.

It is really a special experience to stand in the middle of beautiful mountains in search of the perfect swing. The courses have both driving ranges and equipment rental. And we promise you - your strokes have never before reached such heights: the courses are situated 500 and 730 metres above sea level!


Asker GC
Aurskog-Finstadbru GC
Ballerud GC
Bærum GC
Bærum Golfcenter
Drøbak GC
Eidsvoll GC
Fet GC
Follo GC
Gjerdrum GC
Gjersjøen GK
Grini GC
Haga GC
Hakadal GC
Hauger GC
Hvam GC
Innesvingen Golf Flosby
Innesvingen Golf Vormsund
Innesvingen Golf Østerås
Krokhol GC
Lillestrøm GC
Lommedalen GC
Losby GC
Miklagard Golf
Nes GC
Nittedal GC
Oppegård GC
Oustøen Country Club
Ski GC
Solberg GC
Soon GC
Ullensaker GC
Østmarka GC
Ås & Vestby GC


Arendal and Omegn GC
Grimstad GC
Hovden GC
Setesdal GC


Bjaavann GC
Kristiansand GC
Kvinesdal GC
Lista GC
Mandal GC


Drammen GC
Nedre Eiker GC
Hallingdal GC
Hemsedal GC
Hurum GC
Hønefoss GC
Kjekstad GC
Kongsberg GC
Lier GC
Modum GC
Norefjell GC
Ringerike GC
Røyken GC
Tyrifjord GC


Hammerfest GC
Karasjok GC
North Cape GC


Eidskog GC
Elverum GC
Kongsvinger GC
Mjøsen GC
Sorknes GC
Trysil GC


Arna GC
Bergen GC
Birkeland GC
Bjørnefjorden GC
Fana GC
Hardanger GC
Haugaland GC
Herdla GC
Hotel Ullensvang (sim.)
Innesvingen Voss
Kvinnherad GC
Meland GC
Odda GC
Sotra GC
Stord GC
Vildmarken GC
Voss GC


Giske GC
Kristiansund & Omegn GC
Moa GC
Molde GC
Rauma GC
Smøla GC
Stranda GC
Sunndal GC
Sunnmøre GC
Vanylven GC
Volda GC
Ålesund GC


Alsten GC
Brønnøysund GC
Golfstrømmen GC
Helgeland GC
Lofoten GC
Narvik GC
Polarsirkelen Golf
Salten GC
Vesterålen GC


Bjorli GC
Dovre GC
Gran GC
Hadeland GC
Hafjell GC
Kvitfjell GC
Lillehammer GP
Randsfjorden GC
Skei GC
Toten GC
Valdres GC


Oslo GC
Brekke GC
Groruddalen GC
Grønmo GC
Holmenkollen GC
Kringsjå GC


Dalane GC
Haugesund GC
Jæren GC
Karmøy GC
Preikestolen GC
Randaberg GC
Sandnes & Sola GC
Sola GC
Stavanger GC


Lærdal GC
Nordfjord GC
Sandane GC
Selje GC
Sogn GC
Stryn GC
Sunnfjord GC
Vågsøy GC


Byneset GC
Hitra GC
Oppdal GC
Orkanger GC
Røros GC
Selbu GC
Trondheim GC


Frosta GC
Lierne GC
Namdal GC
Namsen GC
Nærøysund GC
Steinkjer GC
Stiklestad GC
Stjørdal GC


Bamble GC
Grenland GC
Gumøy GC
Kragerø GC
Lønne GC
Norsjø GC
Rjukan & Tinn GC
Vrådal GC


Harstad GC
Tromsø GC


Askim GC
Borregaard GC
Ekholt GC
Fredrikstad GC
Halden GC
Hvaler GC
Moss & Rygge GC
Mørk GC
Onsøy GC
Rygge Flystasjon GC
Skjeberg GC
Østfold GC


Borre GC
Fon GC
Hof GC
Kaupang GC
Larvik GC
Nøtterøy GC
Sandefjord GC
Sande GC
Solum GC
Tjøme GC
Vestfold GC