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Panorama picture from Fredrikstad Municipality in Norway


The Old Town on the east bank of the river is the real pearl in Fredrikstad. Construction started in 1663 when the town was built according to General Cicignon's plan. This famous city planner and architect from Luxembourg was responsible for the construction of Old Fredrikstad.

Infantry barracks

Inaugurated in 1788. It is said to be some of the best military architecture in Norway. It is reportedly built on the calendar plan. The 4 entrances represents the seasons, the 12 chimneys the months of the year, the 52 rooms the week of the year, the 365 windows the days of the year, the 24 panes in each window the hours of the day, and the 60 doors the minutes in an hour. It is still used by the military.

The Dunkejon House

Built in 1784 by grocer Søren Thygesen. From 1807 to 1837 the building belonged to brigadier medical doctor Abraham Falch Simers. He had 21 children, and probably needed the whole house for his family. In the 1860s a certain Jon Larsen, proprietor of a shop in the cellar, sold spirits here from casks ("dunker"), hence the name. Since 1959 it is the property of the Old Fredrikstad Society and is used for meetings.


Built 1796 by the members of Vennehaabet Club. Formerly used for civic banquets, balls and official functions, it is now owned by the Free Masons St. Johs. Loge St. Magnus.