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Panorama picture from Iveland Municipality in Norway


Child-friendly swimming spot close to Birketveit administrative center. Iveland district is a typical agriculture and forestry community. You have left the beaten track when you come to Iveland - even though it is in the centre of Sørlandet. There are many and varied outdoor activities on offer. You will find empty spaces where you can enjoy peace and quiet, or you can go berry-picking or fishing, paddle in the Otra or Ogge lakes.

Ogge is a gold mine of innumerable tiny tree-covered islands. Perhaps you will stumble across an elk, deer, fox, hare, marten or beaver. Nomeland power station has some beautiful old buildings, and parts of the old log run are intact. The old dam from the Kringsjå power station has been restored.

Iveland is internationally famous for its mineral riches, with some 400 mines and quarries in the district. Of the world's about 3,500 different minerals approximately 100 are to be found in Iveland. Some deposits, such as the Hålands mine and Knipen mining area, are open to the public.