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Panorama picture from Rauma Municipality in Norway


Åndalsnes is the center of Rauma Council, both geographically and as a small city. Åndalsnes is the main centre of industry, commerce and service, an important communication link, the end station for the Rauma Railway and has been a cruise port since 1883. Åndalsnes got the city status in 1996 and has a active and pleasant trading centre with a large range of speciality stores. Swimming pool and sports centres, medical center, a variety of health institutions and also a liquor store is centrally situated. A impressive nature scenery surrounds the city.

If you walk up to the top of the "city mountain" Nesaksla, you have a breathtaking gradient and a fantastic view over the alps and the fjord. With the well known Trollstigen and Trollveggen in the area, Åndalsnes has more than a 100 years long tradition in the tourism industry. Due to this, the city has lots of hotels and overnight accomodations. Åndalsnes has an exciting industry and commerce, the recent years there has been a increasing activity in a modern plastic industry. Traditionally, the city is known for it's clothing industry, and still the area have several vital establishments in related industries.