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Panorama picture from Rauma Municipality in Norway


Start from Åndalsnes, and pass Trollstigen towards Valldal. Beautiful nature with mountains, rivers and waterfalls. Taste the strawberries from the local farms in Valldal. Cross the fjord with ferrie to Eidsdal, and follow the road to Geiranger. This road between Åndalsnes and Geiranger is called "The Golden Route". Dramatic and exciting is a short description of Trollstigen. The mountains which encircle the road are enormous;
Store Trolltind a mighty 1.788 metres above sea level, and mountains called Kongen (the King), Dronningen (the Queen) and Bispen (the Bishop) confirm their majesty in this mountain world. Stigfossen waterfall gushes down the mountainside towards the luscious Isterdalen valley. In the middle of all this Trollstigen road winds its way up the mountainside.

Trollstigen was opened the 31 July 1936 by the reigning King Haakon the 7th, after 8 years under construction. Even today the road is a good example of the art of engineering and construction. On the steep mountain sides the road does a total of 11 bends up to Stigrøra. The road is cut into the mountainside in some places, or else it is safely built on the natural stone foundations.

With its incline of 9% this narrow road with many bends and open drops, you must be a proficient driver. Vehicles over 13 m long are not allowed on Trollstigen and you are discouraged from driving with a trailer or caravan. This road is liable to avalanche. Pay attention to the signposts. Trollstigen road is closed in the winter and opens in May or June. Walkers can enjoy the fantastic views and majestic mountains by following the newly restored Kløvstien path.


Kløvstien Track at Trollstigen is the old track the locals used before Trollstigen Road was built. Every spring and fall, the locals in Isterdalen valley took their cattle to the mountain pasture at Trollstigen. And the locals in Valldal went here when they were going to Romsdalsmartnan market. The track has recently been restored and marked. It crosses the Trollstigen road a few places. The track starts a short distance below the first narrow turn at Trollstigen Road.