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Panorama picture from Lillehammer Municipality in Norway


The sports facilities that Lillehammer was endowed with in connection with the Winter Olympics, still offer a wide range of activities and events for your enjoyment. Håkons Hall, Lysgårdbakkene Ski Jump Arena, Birkebeineren Skiing Stadium, Kanthaugen Freestyle Arena and the Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track are all part of the Olympic Park, and in the summer you can try wheeled bobsleighing, take the chairlift, enjoy the view, etc.

Håkons Hall

Håkons Hall was the main ice hockey arena during the Olympics, but today, it is one of the most flexible multipurpose halls in the world. A wide range of different events are held here, including trade fairs, banquets, concerts and sporting events, and it was here the Norwegian ladies handball team won the gold medal at the world championships in 1999.

At the Håkons Hall sports centre you can play handball, football, volleyball and badminton, and there are two squash courts, body-building facilities and an aerobics studio. If you are the daredevil type, you might like to try the 20 metre high climbing wall, in which case you must do so together with someone who knows how. And if you have developed an interest for the new popular favourite among sports, golf, you can play indoors in the hall. The new golf centre in Håkons Hall includes 2 golf simulators, a 7-hole putting green, and a driving range with 8 mats.

Lysgårdbakkene Ski Jump Arena

Lysgårdbakkene Ski Jump Arena was to become the hallmark of the city of Lillehammer during the Olympics, and you really shouldn't leave the city without paying a visit there. During the summer, you can take the chair lift from the outrun up to the top of the main ski jumping slope, where you can visit the ski jumping tower and enjoy the view of Lillehammer, lake Mjøsa and the Gudbrandsdalen valley. When standing on the terrace outside at the top of the slope, you will feel a strange tingling in your stomach, as you imagine yourself setting off down the slope.

You can take the chair lift back down to the outrun, too, where you will find the downhill skiing and bobsleigh simulators. Here you can try your hand at downhill skiing on Mount Kvitljell and bob-sleighing on ice at the Bobsleigh and Luge Track. At no risk of breaking an arm or a leg, you can take part in realistic, fun and breakneck adventures.

Birkebeineren Skiing Stadium

The Birkebeineren cross-country and biathlon stadium is also a good starting point for walks and bicycle rides, whether you want to keep in shape, or enjoy a pleasant trip with the family. There are spacious fields at the stadium that can be used for playing ball games and badminton, and there is a 1,5 km roller ski track, too. It is also possible for groups to stage their own biathlon championships (without the skis).

Bob- og Akebanen

Fifteen kilometres north of Lillehammer, not far from Hunderfossen Family Park, we find Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track. During the summer, tourists can ride Norwegian made wheeled bob sleighs. There is room for four passengers in each sleigh together with an authorised pilot, and you will reach speeds of 100 k.p.h! You shoot down the 1.365 metres long track in about 1 minute, G-force is 3,5 times your own body weight, and we promise you that tingle in your stomach. Speed and excitement at no risk!